The Lila Grace Milk Depot was started in honor of Paul and Hilary Ferrell’s daughter, Lila Grace, who passed away in June 2017. Lila was born ten weeks early and spent her entire two months of life in the NICU. During their time in the NICU, Paul and Hilary learned Maryland was severely lagging behind other states in the donor milk bank area. While most other states have milk banks, Maryland does not. When Paul and Hilary lost Lila, they decided to honor her by creating a milk bank in Maryland. Paul and Hilary hope the Lila Grace Milk Depot is the first of many steps Maryland takes to creating its own milk bank.

The hummingbird in our logo is a tribute to Lila. A hummingbird feeder was given to Hilary’s father as a gift to raise his spirits as Lila’s health was failing. The feeder did not receive any visitors for weeks. 24 hours after Lila passed away, to the minute, one hummingbird arrived to visit our home. We all felt it was Lila’s way of telling us she is in a better place. Ever since, the hummingbird has served as a symbol that Lila is still here with us all.

We would like to give special praise to both Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast and Annapolis Pediatrics. When both organizations heard Lila’s story and the desire to honor her, Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast and Annapolis Pediatrics immediately offered to help.  They have been instrumental in making this dream a reality.